September 21, 2009

Before We Begin...

This is a chronicle of the events within the Brotherhood of Betrayal World of Darkness campaign. This is an ongoing campagin that occurs weekly. We have been running this for nearly three years. The current location is Chicago. This is written from the perspective of Harper O'Shea (o-shay), vampire of clan Mehket, Khaibit bloodline, a member of the Ordo Dracul. It is written as though its a personal paper journal, not an online record. As such, details and scenes that the character was not aware of or present for won't be recorded.
This journal will begin in the current chapter of the campaign, meaning people and events from the past may be referenced. If I fail to explain anything, please feel free to ask for details! Keep in mind that often several game sessions will occur in the same night IN GAME, so there may be multiple entries per one night of game time. Just pay attention to the dates that I enter on the post, not the dates the blog automatically assigns!
Many of the characters are detailed in the World of Darkness Chicago book. The characters listed below are player characters, and storyteller created NPC's
Player characters:
Harper O'Shea
Vampire: Mehket, Khaibit bloodline, Ordo Dracul. Harper was an army medic then an EMT in New Orleans before her death. Became drawn into the supernatural world more than a year before her embrace, she ran with Giuseppe, Tommy, Karl and Jaleel in New Orleans before Giuseppe was embraced and then embraced her. A year later the group reunited in Chicago and remained long enough to gain new allies and defeat Ophios. She and Mona returned to Chicago two weeks later to continue the job Ophios had interrupted and continued working with the new allies (Nadi, Gio, and Nobody). Apparent Age: 23, actual age: 25

Giovanni Santori
Hunter: Lucifuge, Member of the Santori Crime Family. Gio is the social butterfly. Bartender for bars all over town, Gio knows everyone. Literally. Also walks with a cane because of a bad car wreck years ago. Renounced the family after the accident, but recently decided to embrace his mafioso side and came back to be an active part of the family. Age: 23

Changeling: Darkling, Autumn Court. Court appointed assassin, Nobody's fetch 'Bob Johnson' was a serial killer who met the original group in Mexico. During the year that the group was separated, Nobody escaped the hedge and returned to kill his fetch. Nobody continues to work with the new group for his own reasons independant from Bob's contacts or motivations. Nobody is a faceless one, and can change his appearance to look like anyone at will. Age: ?

Nadi Peterson
Mage: Moros. Nadi is an overachieving college student addicted to uppers to ward off the time lost sleeping. She was drawn in when a professor requested she help retrieve a file on one of the 13 murdered Natalies. She awoke as a mage not long after and discovered that she came from a family of mages, as each of her 3 siblings and parents were all awakened. Age: 21

Gregori "Ori" IronFeather

Werewolf, Bone Shadow, Cahalith
Ori is the most recent addition to the group. Son of a native American Father and Russian mother, Ori is cousin to Stepping Feather, and was sent to Chicago by a vision of his now dead cousin. When he arrived, he was hunting Giuseppe's ghost and came across the actual Giuseppe, who proceeded to beat the shit out of him and threatened to kill his family if Ori didn't help the group. He helped save the group from Pain of Animals in the Meat Packing District, and now he hangs out and helps out, even though Giuseppe has since admitted that he has no intention of harming Ori's family. He was recently offered a place in the Santore pack by Vitorio himself, after the battle with Citysmith, and is the first non-Italian member of the family/pack. Age: 23

Rebecca Lux (player/npc)
Harper's Ghoul. Rebecca is a lesbian goth chick with a helluva singing voice. Harper recruited Becca willingly in New Orleans as an "employee" to help be her eyes and ears during the daytime. She is a brawler, loving a good fight, and a very talented musician. She also currently has a thing for Nadi, but how serious it is is something of a mystery. Becca is played by Harper's player when the group has to do anything during the day, and by the storyteller when Harper is awake. Age: 26

Theo Korben

Mage: Mastigos, Space and Mind
Theo is former Special Forces and joined up with the original group in Mexico before the temple fiasco. He disappeared for awhile and awakened, and shortly after that was drafted into Project Valkyrie as an agent. He reappeared suddenly to aid Harper as a PV point of contact for her while the group was trying to obtain the scarabs to battle ophios. He is only around occasionally, as PV constantly has him on assignment (which is code for 'his player lives in another state and only visits occasionally.'). He pops in from time to time to help the group, usually as a PV liaison, but sometimes for his own personal reasons. He works for Project Valkyrie as long as it serves his agenda. He also has a potentially fatal fascination with The Unholy.
Werewolf, Iron Master, Ithaeur (Tommy is a player character who current plays in the other half of the chronicle located in New Orleans and Mexico. The game was split into two groups when too many players were added for one group. Tommy still communicates with this group by phone to keep them up to date on the developments in his groups concurrent and related storyline) Harper and Tommy ran together back in New Orleans for the first half of the chronicle (before anyone was a supernatural) and still maintains contact. Age: 22

Karl Scrimski

Mage: Moros. Karl was another member of the original group. The oldest player character, he is a shrimp boat captain in his 40s. He sometimes embodies Baron Samedi, and is a sexist fucker and alcoholic. His dog, Danzig, is a large rottweiler who is much more powerful and intelligant than a normal dog has any right to be. Karl is with Tommy in the New Orleans/Mexico side of the chronicle.

Jaleel Smith-

Kindred: Gangrel, Brujah bloodline. Unaligned. Jaleel was another member of the original group. He was at one point a Crip in New Orleans, and is now a Brujah.He has problems controlling the beast, often getting carried away and murdering innocent people he. But he's working on it. He is with Tommy and Karl in the New Orleans/Mexico side of the chronicle. Age: 24


Tommy's new packmate. The Chicago group has never met Nick, and knows only that he is Uratha and has joined the New Orleans/Mexico group in their travels. Age: ?

Notable NPCs created by Storyteller:
This list is not exhaustive, but these are a few of the main NPCs that either make frequent appearences, or are very important. This list will be updated. Also, if an NPC is introduced in a journal entry,  they will not be listed here. This is a list of characters with established history with the players.
Giuseppe Santori

Mehket(hollow)/Khaibit/Dragon/Harper's Sire. Giuseppe is the main NPC in the game. He is an ingenious schemer. He was s ghoul for several decades before becoming embraced while the group was in Mexico by person unknown. Several of the members of the old group hate him because of his perceived betrayal on the temple top in Mexico when he sliced everyone up and forcibly embraced Harper. She got over it. He is also Giovanni's great uncle, but he was excommunicated from the family a very long time ago for reasons no one will talk about. Giuseppe's name is never mentioned except by a very select few Santori's, and always in private. Apparent age: 21, Age: 70s

Mona Cross

Mehket(hollow)/Unaligned/Giuseppe's other half and other childe. Mona was a ghoul and detective on the New Orleans police force for several years before being embraced by Giuseppe just before the fight with Ophios. She and Giuseppe have been together since before they became ghouls. She and Giuseppe became Harper's adoptive, disturbed, and dysfunctional family after Giuseppe embraced Harper. Mona is a badass who will beat you silly given half an excuse. Apparent age: Mid 30s Actual Age: 80s

Yousef Al-Makour

Previous owner of Giovanni's shop. Member of the Cult of the Phoenix. Discovered to have Set bound to him during the fight with Ophios. Died when the group used the Celestial Flange to unbind Set in order to avoid Chicago being turned into a wasteland by ancient Egyptian gods fighting. Left Gio his shop and everything in it when he died. Other names: Seth, youngest of three brothers. You get to guess what his two brother's names were.

The Collector- Nosferatu/Baddacelli/ Maxwell Maury's gatekeeper and bodyguard

Agent Martindale- Hunter/Serial Crimes Unit/Psychic Asshole. Assigned to help the Chicago group track down the serial killer taunting them.


Promethean/Osiran/Khaibit servant. The old group were responsible for returning his heart to him in Mexico, he helped the group accomplish its mission on the temple in Mexico, then showed up again later in Chicago and gave aid for the encounter with Ophios.


Can refer to either the Galateid Promethean or any of the 13 girls named Natalie murdered to create her. One Natalie murder and her ghost was the original event that brought the original group together in New Orleans

Peter Drake

Member of the Hunter group Aegis Kai Doru, Friend of werewolves, Giuseppe and Drake had many violent encounters through the years. Drake was murdered outside of a Jazz club by person unknown
Nicolai "Nick" Peterson- Mage/Life/Nadi's older Brother

Luciano Santori- Changeling/Wisened/Santori Family "Interrogator"

Bella Santori- Werewolf/Iron Master/Rahu/ Acting leader of Santori Family/ Giovanni's sister

Michael Denzelo and Captain O'Donnell

Hunters- Project Valkyrie. A Contact of Harper's, tried to assassinate Harper and Giuseppe before battle with Ophios. Partner was killed and he was captured, but instead of torturing him for information, Harper convinced him she wasn't a monster like the kindred that murdered his family and let him go. Afterwards, his superiors decided to use Harper as a point of contact to keep tabs on her group. Denzelo was targeted by the serial killer who nearly caused him to kill himself. Rescued by a phone call from Harper to Captain O'Donnell who has become her new point of contact within Valkyrie as Denzelo is now on suicide watch.

Dr. Jack Bright
(I usually will not list characters here if they were first encountered in a journal entry, but I felt it necessary to give the inspiration for the character)

Research Scientist- SCP Foundation
Dr. Jack Bright is an occasional character who's main objective seems to be securing supernatural objects and taking them into the custody of the mysteriousness "Foundation". Similar to the Aegis Kai Doru, only younger, better funded, and more research and development based, The Foundation and Dr. Jack Bright are derived from the organization and character created on this website:
It should be noted that the Bright in our game may not conform exactly to the character on that site.

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