September 22, 2009

That same night....-Tunguska

My face was a mask of blood. When I was alive, that was something to be worried about. Now, it just pissed me off. Bleeding was damn inconvenient, because now I was hungry as shit. But it was too close to sunrise to risk going out.

When I came back out from the shower, Nadi and the others (but mostly Nadi..)had made some headway on this "Tunguska" thing. From what they could tell it was a piece of the meteorite that had caused the Tunguska event in Russia in 1908. (

It had been a long night. I spent the rest of the night in my room, meditating. I was determined to advance in the Coils without Giuseppe there to hold my hand.

The next day they went to the library to look for more and somehow managed to find a pattern of deaths that occurred two weeks after the event. Almost the entire sensitive (witches, psychics, ect.) community in Russia either died or committed suicide. The only ones who did not had been attending a concert. A concert for a Glass Harmonium. They found the song, but not the performer. It's certainly something else to look into. One of those instruments was purchased in an auction by a "(insert name player can't recall here)". Gio heard another vampire call Sundown by that name before. I'm pretty disturbed by the whole thing. I really think we need to look into it more. I'm planning on calling Sundown soon.

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